February 11, 2013

More Marauder Horsemen

I managed despite brewing my latest ale to get some painting in this weekend. I really want to make progress on the Marauder Horsemen. The regiment is now two thirds finished! I improved the flesh colour a little but once everything had dried I still think it is much darker than what I was going for. The contrast just isn't there. I don't want super dark shadows as that really shows the poor sculpting of the muscles. Instead going for really pale skin and yet some starker highlights really softens those bulging biceps. The next ones should be better, I know I really need to add in a few more final steps with bleached bone to bring up the tone and contrast. It is interesting to slowly immerse myself back into some technical painting. A lot of what I have done recently is by rote. I really have to pay attention with these guys which is nice, at least for now!

Here is a shot from behind to show the cloaks. I sculpted these a long while ago and they came out fine. If I was to redo them I would make them a little longer like I did with my Chaos Knights. Those cloaks took ages but they look really well. I only wish those models ranked up better! I didn't do the customary darker stripe down the middle of these like I do with most of the other cloaks I have as I just wanted to do something simple and get back into the swing of it. I still thenk they came out fine and add a little character to the models. I wish they came as standard rather than having to sculpt them myself... They can take about an hour each to do as far as I remember for the larger and better ones.

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