January 31, 2012

Celestial Fulcrum pt. 2

So I made some progress on the Fulcrum. It is still going to take some time but at least now it is fully assembled. I got the Druids done and attached finally. I reinforced the attachments with some greenstuff as they didn't fit flush with the joint. I don't really intend travelling with the model so I didn't pin it everywhere I guess I should have. So the base, wood and druids shoes need to get done and I think that's it. I won't be giving it the full glowing rune paintjob. I don't think it suits in this case. The warm grey tone won't really suit so much green. The base is giving me nightmares. I will be giving it a different tone. I will highlight the grey with green. I will also add some texture with a gentle drybrush/overbrush technique. The final result though will come from the weathering pigments I think I will use. I have used them before on some citadel terrain, the Dreadstone Blight and it helped a lot to give a nice effect to the stone work. They are a little messy though and I will have to be super careful not to get them anywhere else on the model. Hopefully Wednesday or so should see me finished with this strange little beauty!


  1. this looks like a antique. really, it's so beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful item in antique collection.

  2. I'm currently painting the Fulcrum myself, and was looking for inspiration. Like you your color choices a lot. Well done.


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