January 17, 2012

Zombie Swordsmen

Once upon a time I had an Undead army. It was my most succesful army winning my first tournament in Dublin. Suprisingly I had it based on Zombies. I had about 180 models painted up and converted. The army was based on the undead/empire switch that was prety popular around 2003 when I started them. When the new book came out in 2008 I dropped them pretty quickly. Zombies were far from useful and so if I wanted to compete I would have needed to add a lot more varied troops. I spent 2009 travelling 'round the world and Warhammer was for a long while forgotten. When I arrived home I picked out some of my poorly painted undead and revisited them. These were the first I finished, a regiment of Undead Swordsmen. I never really did anything more with the army though. Some more zombies got painted and some ghouls and that was pretty much it.

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