January 12, 2012

Gor Standard Bearer

Following on from yesterdays ungor standard bearer here is my gor version. The skull motif is a little more exotic than the last. I am guessing that they are based on a skull from the regiment they belong to. I hadn't done this deliberately but it works. I just need to continue this with the Bestigor when I come to it. I didn't get the horns balanced one hundred percent. I curved one a little more sharply than I had intended but it is fine enough! I should go back and fix it as in the photo it looks a good bit off. Well as I said my freehand skills are not that amazing. I am wondering now if I need some more definition between the motif and the background colour? Maybe some black lining would have worked or deeper shading somehow. I noticed to day that there are no variant banners for any of the beastman regiments which is poor! I am most likely going to have two gor regiments in the army and I really don't like the idea of having my two main regiments with the same banner. I will search through some alternatives. For my Battle Standard I will probably use a Khornate Banner from the Bloodletters. It at least is not festooned with skulls, suprisingly enough. It also offers a different banner so there is no doubling up.

With some luck I can have the Battle Standard Bearer done by Monday and up here. I currently don't have plans for the weekend so maybe I can squeeze in some extra hobby time!


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