January 30, 2012

Some Bones to Grind

These have been sitting on my desk three quarters complete for years. Finally getting the Farrow Bone Grinders done is a pretty good feeling. I am lazy and great at procrastinating. I often get compliments and comments about how often I manage to post completed things here. However it really takes a lot of willpower to keep me sitting at my desk and not off playing Star Wars or Skyrim. I think I would really prefer to be spending my time playing them however much I say I enjoy painting. There was something about the Bone Grinders that really prevented me from painting them. What exactly I can't say but the longer I left them the harder it was to get them done. I started them while supervising a Warhammer Tournament just after they became available. The base coats and some highlights were done. One model was even completed pretty much. Then they just sat there gathering dust. So last week while I contemplated the Celestial Fulcrum I instead found myself picking up the Bone Grinders. I think it is now four years since I started them. I couldn't match the colours no matter what I tried. So I am left with one little piggie thats much redder than the others. It's not so bad. The one thing I did notice while painting them is that they were actually fun to do. Maybe it is the fact that they are finished finallly that is exacting some influence on my judgement but I was considering picking up some of their brigand cousins to do. However I must stay disciplined and try to clear some more of the backlog...

One interesting side note is that on Saturday morning I awoke to find my left hand completely covered in paper cuts. Now I did have a few beers before taking the train home but I remember reading No Quarter whch I had just picked up. Enough to anaesthetise my hand obviously. It must have the sharpest pages ever because I have about six almost parallel two inch long paper cuts across my palm and no idea how they got there.


  1. Nice work on the muted red tones. It stands out, but not so much as to draw undue attention.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thats a pretty simple red to do. It's just Dark Flesh with bleached bone for the highlights. Then finally a Baal Red (GW) wash over the top.


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