January 24, 2012

Taryn Di La Rovissi

I managed to pick up Taryn a while back for €3 which was nice. One of the local gaming stores was discounting their inventory of Iron Kingdoms models. Sadly I didn't think to pick up the Bone Swarms that were there. Still nabbing a cheap Taryn was fine. I painted her up quickly today. Not the best job ever done but it is always rewarding to make progress on the lead pile. I went for a blue cloak as I don't paint blue often. It will also serve to break up the more military greys I have used on my Mercs so far. I would have made far more progress on some of my other stuff if I hadn't gotten hooked on Breaking Bad. It's a really good series but depressing. Anyway I am almost through the second season so once thats finished its time to work some more on my Celestial Fulcrum!


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