January 20, 2012

Friday Showcase - Wolves of Orboros

As I am working on the unit attachment for the wolves finally I thought I would put up my old painted regiment. I love these models. Privateer Press really captured a unique style with them. The cloaks are awesome and I wish they were used more often. I have always been tempted to get a second unit but I have resisted while I still have things like Reeves and Skinwalkers to get. The models are relatively simple consisting mainly of armour, cloak and weapon. The entire back of the model and often a large portion of the front is taken up by the cloak and this saves a lot of painting time. The armour is also simple enough. After getting these done its just details that need doing and then the models are done. I am not sure how long these took originally but I don't suspect it was that long. I am not sure what to work on after I get the unit attachment done, maybe the Celestial Fulcrum or the Ravagers...

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