January 9, 2012

Lazy photographs

So last week I was too lazy to put up a group shot of my Beastmen. Setting up the camera and lights takes a while as does getting the models out of storage. so here they are finally. I am not sure if the Gory can be fielded in regiments of twelve but if so these are two complete regiments! You will also note I managed to do the standard on the Ungors. I wasn't too inspired so I went with a standard skull motif. I think it came out fine and I will stick with it for the rest of the beastmen standards. Now I need to start adding to the Gors, the aim is to have forty in this regiment when finished. Eight more this month and then ten more in each of the following two months.


  1. Too small, need bigger. Um both photo and unit size. lol

    Actually I believe you can field 12 of the gors, or as you call them gory, don't think it would work real well.

    The gor are certainly more fun to do in my book, than the ungor.

    Ungor, could there ever be a less inspiring term invented by GW, than oh they're smaller than the Gor and not as tough, and they look slightly different, oh I can't think of anything really neat to call them, so we just call them not-gor, brilliant idea except it will be ungor. Yes. BRILLIANT. So very inspiring.

  2. Gory... excellent slip there!

    I am currently trying to get them up to around twenty models, half of what is needed in the end.

    The new Ungor are actually quite interesting models. They really changed the bodies in this iteration of them. There are a few pot bellies thrown in reminding me in a much more miniature way of the Ogres. Sadly they are not the best in game terms and painting them is a drag. I like to feel that I made some progress when I paint. I would like to have a second regiment of the not-gors but as they are not really worth that many points I don't want to.


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