January 6, 2012

Friday Showcase - Wildborne

Just to contrast a little with yesterdays not so nicely painted miniature here is one I quite like the paintjob on. Kaya was one of the first models that I really paid a lot of attention to while I was painting. This was aided by the awesome guide that the Brushthralls provided on their website. It is a little sad that this resource is no longer updated but it is good that it is still available. Kaya suffers a little from the pruple skin syndrome of my early Circle attempts but thankfully it isn't as stark as it is elsewhere in the army. A lot of the colours I used here where transferred directly to the army and I learned a lot from them. Using brown for instance is not so easy and when highlighting it lots of strange effects occur. Sometimes very similar browns will change their character quickly when highlighted. A good example is GW's Bestial Brown vs. Vajello's Beastly Brown. Both are almost indistinguishable in their base form but GW's paint goes orange when highlighted and really needs to be washed out during highlighting to retain a brow character whereas the Vajello paint tends towards the yellow part of the spectrum but shouldn't be washed out too much when highlighting. Maybe I can show an example on a model soon of the two colours side by side!

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