January 11, 2012

Ungor Standard Bearer

Today I decided to take the plunge and work on the ungor standard bearer. As part of this months tale of three gamers I am working on my Battle Standard Bearer and as such I need as much practise as possible. I want simple designs on green cloth. I am thinking that skulls are the best. Pretty much in keeping with the imagery of the army. Everything is bedecked in animal skulls so why not the banner? I am not that good at freehand so the designs are still simple enough. Maybe as I progress with the army I can start to add some complications. The skulls on the pole are a little washed out in the photo. They are very white but they do have more depth than is apparent here. I am happy enough with the final result. It is a little simple but really I would only over extend my talents if I try too much at this stage. I am doing the Gor standard tonight and I think I will go for a slightly more complex skull shape. When I do get to the Battle Standard I should be able to do the Skull well enough to try for something else added. Maybe crossed axes or something? I am not sure if a chaos star would fit with the already quite pointy skull?

Anyway I am not the only one to have made progress on the Tale of Three Gamers. Gar managed to hit his deadline for December and here are the wonderful results. I didn't get the e-mail with the photos in time to put them with last weeks stuff so here it is now. Thats a quickly painted regiment. I wish I could manage to crank them out as fast!

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