January 18, 2012

Giving the Devouring to the Druids

One of the biggest suprises for me between MKI and MKII was the changes made to the druids. I always used them as a delivery method for the Devouring. Now I need to have an Overseer for this ability. I do have to admit that I am not able to get the Druids to work in this edition. I really need some practice with them. All the abilities seem great but figuring out when and where to use them is proving difficult. At least now I have managed to get the Overseer done so I can get him on the table. Next week I intend getting a second unit of druids done. If they are useful in a single unit then I guess they are good in a pair! A lot of tier lists require them so it will be nice to be able to build them. I am thinking especially of Kreugers list. For now I am working on the unit attachment for the Wolves of Orboros.


  1. Druids are definitely pretty tricky in MKII but I find they are much better at support than they are offensively. I find myself using them mostly for counter magic and popping vortexes because they can actually be one of our best tarpits. I hardly ever use the Devouring and usually just use the Overseer for a magic ability [8] force bolt to clear a path to the enemy warcaster.

    1. The Overseer doesn't have Force Bolt. His only offensive attack spell is The Devouring.

  2. I am definitely too fixated on the Devouring ability. I have been so far using the Druids mainly to deliver a good Devouring. I will be changing that around though!


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